Nonfiction Monday: A Black Hole is Not a Hole

A Black Hole is Not a Hole by Carolyn Cinami DeCristofano, illustrated by Michael Carroll gives readers much to think about regarding the universe. In her introduction she begins:

“Have you heard the news? In outer space, mysterious entities called black holes seem to be up to no good.” It is followed up with an explanation that they are not monsters and not even alive.  The illustration on the opposing page is a dark starry night with a speech bubble saying, “YIKES!”

What are black holes? How did they begin? Where do black holes come from?  These questions and more will be answered.     Any young scientist or astronomer should be able to navigate the text as each two page spread is a combination of text and stunning ilustrations.Bold headings, charts, tables, and graphics are infused throughout the book.  Carroll’s illustrations were created using acrylic and Adobe Photoshop.

Here’s some fun facts:

  • There is plenty of light in the back hole but we can’t see it from the outside.
  • Black holes come from stars.
  • A black hole is like a giant whirlpool.
  • A black hole is like a hiding place with footsteps leading to it.
  • The discovery of black holes has something to do with the telephone.

The Author’s Note at the end of the book: “How Do You Know I Know?” explains DeCristofano’s  research in writing the book. There is also a glossary, resources, websites, image credits, and index.

Title: A Black Hole is Not a Hole
 Author: Carolyn Cinami DeCristofano
Illustrator: Michael Carrol
Published: 2012
Pages: 74
Reading Level: 5th grade and up
Publisher: Charlesbridge
ISBN: 978-1-936157091-783-7
Source:  Sent by publisher upon request for review.

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3 thoughts on “Nonfiction Monday: A Black Hole is Not a Hole

  1. Very interesting! I have to admit, I am lacking in astronomical knowledge. My kids will do a unit on astronomy in elementary school do I will need to get up to speed before then so I can teach them relevant English vocab. I don’t know any of these facts so I have a long way to go!

  2. Hi, there,
    Just wanted to thank MsMac for featuring the book!
    It’s very exciting to see this review.
    Carolyn DeCristofano

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