Poetry Friday: Love

Sorry I am late today.  It’s a day off and I have exercised my ability to  take it slow all day.

On Valentine’s Day, our morning message included an original poem from one of our school custodians.  It was read as part of our morning message:

Love Is

Love is giving without thought
of concern
Setting an example of what is
important to learn.
Love is sacrifice of our time,
with it, to a greater purpose we
Love is a smile instead of a frown,
It’s building people up instead of
tearing them down.
Love isn’t saying that’s mine,
Rather how do I share, and help the
smile shine
Love is the basis of being good
when we are responsible and
do what we  should.
Love is greater than you or me,
It’s what we are here to learn,
don’t you see.
~David Owen

The students have complimented all week on his poem.  It’s  a great example for students to see others in our school family write.


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Happy Reading.