Poetry Friday: I’m Hosting Poetry Friday

I’m hosting Poetry Friday.  It’s such a joy to be sharing all this good poetry today.  Please leave your links in the comments.  I will be back throughout the day to add them in.

And it’s my blogaversary!  Started in 2006 and moved to here in 2009.

Be  sure to read Brevin’s haiku.

Snow Poems at TeacherDance.

Spark 15 & The Water Tower at The Poem Farm.

Poem by Thomas Bailey Aldrich on at The Write Sisters.

Review of Fold Me a Poem and Wabi-Sabi at Supratentorial.

A taste of  Tennyson today: The Lady of Shallot at Semicolon.

Jama has an interview with the wonderful Jorge Argueta today — he tells us all about his new cooking poem, “Guacamole” at Jama’s Alphabet Soup.

Sally’s returning to Poetry Friday after a long blogging hiatus with “Bird-Understander” by Craig Arnold, plus a call to sonnet-writing at Castle in the Sea.

Liz has an original poem about early signs of spring on my blog Growing Wild.

For today, at Random Noodling I have an original “Reasons to Volunteer for the Band.”

Kids of the Homefront Army continues with “War-Time Romance.”

Kurious Kitty shares a poem by Louise Gluck.

And, the quote for today at KKs Kwotes is by Zora Neale Hurston.

Tabatha has some saski-naski for you today at Tabatha Yeatts.

A poem about the ordinary by Linda Gregg at Pentimento.

Laura has a melancholy bit from Part IV of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Bells.” Haunting and gorgeous as well as 15 Words or Less Poems (everyone, come join in!) at Laura Purdie Salas

I have been teaching and have a bit of a break, so here are more. Also our old school computers are not allowing me to embed links.  It won’t be pretty but you will have access.

Janet Squires has Guess Again!: riddle poems by Lillian Morrison with illustrations by Christy Hale at All About Books with Janet Squires.
At readertotz, we have Outside Your Window.

At On Point, I have this week’s haiku, Metal Mask

April says,At TeachingAuthors.com I have a poem inspired by the Teddy Bears’ Picnic–about Poetry Friday. 
The poem at www.TeachingAuthors.comis called a Lingo. What’s a Lingo? A Lingo is a poem based on the lexicon of a particular field of interest.
There’s also a writing prompt–write your own Lingo–and then sing it!

From Ed:  posted an original today at http://www.thinkkidthink.comcalled “Skinny”. It’s #2 on the slider (or visible just below it on the home page).
Also, a reminder to this group that you can still sign up for Madness! 2012 through March 9th. That said, 42 of 64 slots are already taken, and I sense that the rest will be filled pretty quickly. Just yesterday, Kenn Nesbitt (poetry4kids.com) signed up and alerted many other renowned poets as well. Some of you are already signed up, but if not this may be the last week you’ll be able to do so; I’d love for as many from this group as possible to join.

Father Goose has tips  for writing a love poem @  www.abc3340.com/video?clipId=6750729&autostart=true.

Books 4 Learning has this, http://books4learning.blogspot.com/2012/02/poetry-friday-i-am-book-compiled-by-lee.html

Over at DoriReads, Dori is  featuring Julia Kasdorf–some poet info, snippets of an interview, and her poem “What I Learned From My Mother.” Then an original poem on my mother, as well.

Maria posted a poem that would help the contemplation of things unsaid. http://www.ghpoetryplace.blogspot.com/

At Wild Rose Reader, I have a review of Janet Wong’s new poetry collection “Declaration of Interdependence: Poems for an Election Year”–as well as some excerpts from the book. I also have five copies of Janet’s book that I’ll be giving away. If people would like to qualify for the giveaway, all they have to do is leave a comment at my post. I’ll include the names of everyone who comments in my drawing next Friday–when I’ll announce the winners.

Teacher Girl has recently started a book review blog with her fourth grade students. She thought participating in Poetry Friday would encourage them to read (and write!) more poetry. She’sposted Eletelephony by Laura E. Richards, from the book Kids Pick the Funniest Poems:

Donna has “Thanks for This Moment”! at http://www.mainelywrite.blogspot.com/

Irene has some thoughts on bridges and poetry, with a poem by John Ashbery that is engraved on a bridge in Minneapolis, MN. http://irenelatham.blogspot.com/2012/02/poetry-and-bridges.html.

GatheringBooks’ contribution  is a combo of Maya Angelou and India Arie. http://wp.me/pDlzr-32a.

Carol has “Kindness” by Naomi Shihab Nye. Amy, at The Poem Farm introduced me to this poem.

Tara has I have a selection odd subway poems at:

Renee has original children’s poem, “Scaredy Cats”: http://www.nowaterriver.com/poetry-monday-scaredy-cats/

My Juicy little Universe has a poem by Amy Lowell, “Astigmatism,” and a little dissection of how it swept her off her feet when she  discovered it.  http://myjuicylittleuniverse.blogspot.com/2012/02/slow-motion-poetry-reading.html

Mary Lee is thinking ahead withRevolution for the Tested by Kate Messner — something to think about as we get closer to Testing Season.

Julie over at The Drift Record  today, is thinking about Renoir and reds and yellows, and she’s got a poem up titled “Yellow Bowl”  by a poet new to her  – Rachel Contreni Flynn.

Laura is sharing poems about current events from an online journal called The New Verse News. One is about the European deep freeze, the other about Whitney Houston’s passing. This is a great prompt for high schoolers!

Greg has another original, What’s Happening in My Brain:

Robyn has haiku with a haiku about seasons, too (a link to my poem in the new issue of MODERN HAIKU), and a few breezy thoughts:  http://www.robynhoodblack.com/blog.htm?post=841078.

I think I am got up for now.  Sorry once more about the lack of embedded link.  Silly computers. Wish our district had the money to update the whole technology scene: hardware, software, and infrastructure.

I will add on if any late ones arrive until 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST)

Happy Reading


Poetry Friday: The Seasons by Brevin, Second Grader

 I am hosting Poery Friday. But first a series of haiku by second grader, Brevin.

Haiku Poems for


 Leaves falling off trees

Leaves are red, orange and purple

Autumn is so fun

 Autumn’s really fun

Fall is when leaves fall off trees

Yip-ee-i-o Fall

 Happy Birthday Fall

I love fall so much it’s fun

I just like fall


Snowball fights, kids play

Snowflakes falling on the ground

Everything is white

 Christmas is so fun

Santa going down chimneys

Opening presents
Winter is so fun

Playing in the snow all day

Winter comes each year


 Buds sprouting from trees

Kids playing outside all day long

Summer is almost here

Winter is all over

One more season til summer

Happy children play

Snow fun is over

Flowers grow all over now

My allergies come


Summer is so hot

Ice cream man comes in summer

A lot of camping

 One, two,  days of rain

Summer has June and July

Happy children play

 Sweating all day long

Friends are playing together

Playing with puppies

~Brevin, 2nd grade


Happy Reading.