Poetry Friday: The Seasons by Brevin, Second Grader

 I am hosting Poery Friday. But first a series of haiku by second grader, Brevin.

Haiku Poems for


 Leaves falling off trees

Leaves are red, orange and purple

Autumn is so fun

 Autumn’s really fun

Fall is when leaves fall off trees

Yip-ee-i-o Fall

 Happy Birthday Fall

I love fall so much it’s fun

I just like fall


Snowball fights, kids play

Snowflakes falling on the ground

Everything is white

 Christmas is so fun

Santa going down chimneys

Opening presents
Winter is so fun

Playing in the snow all day

Winter comes each year


 Buds sprouting from trees

Kids playing outside all day long

Summer is almost here

Winter is all over

One more season til summer

Happy children play

Snow fun is over

Flowers grow all over now

My allergies come


Summer is so hot

Ice cream man comes in summer

A lot of camping

 One, two,  days of rain

Summer has June and July

Happy children play

 Sweating all day long

Friends are playing together

Playing with puppies

~Brevin, 2nd grade


Happy Reading.




4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: The Seasons by Brevin, Second Grader

  1. Brevin, What a journey through the seasons! I love – “Yip-ee-i-o Fall” because Fall is one of my favorites too. Camping and puppies and snowball fights and purple leaves…you have captured some of the most beautiful moments of a year. Thank you for sharing your poems! The idea of linking so many haiku together is lovely.

    Thank you for hosting, Jone!

  2. Wow, Brevin! Great writing! I loved all of your poems, especially the first one of Autumn when you describe the color of the leaves. I could see the leaves.

    I like to write poetry, also. I teach poetry to children in a summer enrichment class. Keep up the excellent writing!

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