Slice of Life Tuesdays

I’m March, I participated in the “Slice of Life Story Challenge” sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.
It made me think about featuring a ‘slice of life’ from the library on Tuesdays.

Since this month is National Poetry Month, the ‘slice of life’ is student poetry. March was one of the coldest and rainiest months when students wrote these.

Crisp ground winter here
Kids playing snow man building
Winter will go on

Michael C.
3rd grade

Kid are having fun
Birds are chirping in the sun
No school yippy ya

Darien W.
3rd grade

More Slices can be found HERE

Happy Reading.


Day 9: Thirty Days, Thirty Plus students

This poem is exactly how this morning.

Morning is here
The birds are in the trees
Chirping away the day

Breanna A.
3rd grade

And Cody is still thinking about snow.

You can feel the snow.

Snow is cold and we love snow.

Snow is cold today

Cody K.
3rd Grade

Happy Reading.