Poetry Friday: Solace in Nature

 I am thrilled to announce a new book in the world. 

 Solace in Nature is a collection of twenty haiku inspired by twenty photos I have taken.  I find solace in nature and in writing.

A preview can be found HERE.

Some of these photos have been featured at Deowriter.  One was previously published in a members’ anthology for Haiku Society of America.  Two of the photos have made a top 100 photos list.

I  am not very scientific when it comes to my photography.  I may play with the aperture or the speed, however, the photos that I like always seem to happen through  grace.  It’s that photo at the right moment, a gracenote.

If you are new to haiku, you may find that some of the poems don’t follow the standard three lines, five-seven-five syllable pattern. There are many forms of haiku.

Solace in Nature can be purchased at:

Create Space Solace in Nature

Until midnight (EST) May 31, buy a copy from Create Space Solace in Nature and use the code JBX6PMDQ to receive 15% off.



Leave a comment or mention me in a tweet and your name will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of Solace in Nature.  You have until next Thursday at midnight (EST) . I will announce the winner next Friday.

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Happy Reading.


6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Solace in Nature

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  2. The link to the preview of the book isn’t working. Good luck with your haiku. What a great combination, beautiful photos and stirring words.

  3. Congratulations on your new book! I didn’t know there was a name for a combination of photography and haiku. I’ve written lots of haiku from photos lately. Good to know what to call them!

    Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

  4. What a treat — your fabulous photography and your haiku all in one place. I can’t remember now why I had some of your notecards, but it was EXTREMELY hard to send them away instead of keeping them. But when I DID send them, it was like giving the recipient a bonus gift!!

  5. This is so wonderful! Congratulations on getting it out there. I was just thinking i would like to self publish a book like this as a gift for a friend. How did you do it?

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