SOLC: Tuesday School Play

This will be a quick slice of life tonight.  I just got home from the annual school play which I co-directed. So. Much. Fun. 

What makes it fun is that it’s 8-11 year olds, some for the first time on stage and for some of the fifth graders, their fourth time on stage.  And it’s unpredictable because some one forgets a line or the audio system messes up (like tonight) and their costumes are simple and home-made.

Tonight we did an encore performance of a play written by three fifth graders in 2008 when I was pursuing my national boards for teaching.  It’s about penguins, polar bears, and recycling.

More slices  found HERE.

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One thought on “SOLC: Tuesday School Play

  1. I love student performances – you have noted what makes them special and memorable for all involved. I like to hear that you reprised something from the past – it is good to repeat work.

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