48 Hours of Reading

It’s the seventh annual 48 Hours of Reading Extravaganza developed by Pam of Mother Reader.  I remember the first year, it was gloriously sunny and I planted myself in the backyard to read.  I really haven’t had another weekend like that since our weather in the Pacific Northwest is fickled.

Last year’s stats:

Total Hours: 19.5 hours (joint reading and book activities)
Total Pages: 1373 pages
Total Books read: 7 books

This year’s goal:

Total Hours: 25 hours (joint reading and book activities)
Total Pages: 2000 pages
Total Books read: 10 books

I always use this weekend to read books for our to reader award lists I promote in the upcoming school year; the WA Sasquatch and YRCA. And there’s something about fickled-showery weather that makes it an easy time to read.

Last night I listened to Scumble by Ingrid Law on my way home.  We had dinner plans with friends and then to an opening of an art show by the daughter of a friend.  Upon returning home, I read As Simple as it Seems (which isn’t an award book but intrigued me by Sarah weeks.

So far:

Total Hours: 3 hours (joint reading and book activities)
Total Pages: 181 pages
Total Books read: 1 book

Off to read. 



4 thoughts on “48 Hours of Reading

  1. Hope you can hit your goal, Jone! Mine is 20 hours, but I’m a chronic setter of low targets that I then blow away, so we’ll see… (Not sure what that says about me, but anyway…)

  2. Scumble is on my stack to read this weekend. What did you think?

    I read As Simple As It Seems a few weeks back and felt . . . mmm . . . underwhelmed? But I can’t quite work out if it’s because I’m not the right audience or it was just sort of underdone. I suspect more of the former.

  3. I was disappointed. Such a serious topic and felt it was underdone as well. This surprised me.

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