Poetry Friday: Summer Break

It’s the first Friday of summer break. While school got out last Friday, I was busy with school related activities through Wednesday so yesterday was the true first day of summer break.

I offer up a list poem about summer and my plans:

Summer Break

Try to make each day last longer
Collect paint samples
Discover a new BBQ joint
Eat lunch that acts like dinner
Write and revise
Head to Idaho
Experience small town Americana
Fireworks light the sky
Watch the crocosmia bloom
Invite hummingbirds to sip its nectar
Play at the coast with grand girls
Sunsets, fire, and s’mores
Paint the bedroom
Write and revise
Attend Camp Odell
Reconnect with college friends
Gather garden delights
Scatter beads
until they create a necklace or bracelet
Write and revise
Try to make each day last longer

What are your summer plans?

Amy of The Poetry Farm hosts Poetry Friday today.


4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Summer Break

  1. Ooh, I love your list! Especially all the “write and revise” ‘s tucked into those verses. And the juxtaposition of things like, “Nap” and “Read” with “Head to Idaho!” Summer is well underway here, where we’ll do some of the things on your list (except head to Idaho). Safe travels and Happy Summer!

  2. Oh yes! What a delightful list. And what a fun thing to write. I think I will do this in my notebook. Know what will be at the top? “Read poems from a friend.” Things are settling a bit – thank goodness. I am keeping this as a great mentor text for list poem. “Scatter beads…” Indeed! Happy summering, Jone! a.

  3. Jone,
    Oh, what a beautiful picture you write. I want to come sit and sip tea with you and watch the hummingbird and the sun slowly drift over the trees to sunset.
    Thank you for the cool break–it is 107 here today.
    Also, I’m delighted if I inspired you (thank you for the link) and then you inspired Amy. Isn’t poetry fun?

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