Welcome to Non-Fiction Monday


Hi there. I have been on break especially from NFM. Today I am thrilled to be hosting. I will be back in the morning with a great book that features poetry and nonfiction.

Do you want to interest a young reader in nature and poetry? Look no further than Outside Your Window, A First Book of Nature by children’s author and biologist, Nicola Davies. The illustrations by Mark Herald complement the content with simple but colorful design.

I really like how Davies has divided the book into seasons beginning with spring. You can tell that each poem and activity has been clearly researched before crafting the poems.

Title: Outside Your Window, A First Book of Nature
Author: Nicola Davies
Illustrator: Mark Hearld
Date Published: 2012
Pages: in paged
Reading Level: K-3
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 978-0-7636-5549-5
Source: From the publisher

Now for other fabulous nonfiction books:
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Please leave your links in the comments and I will add throughout the day.

Happy Reading.

Poetry Friday: At the Beach

My family and I are at the coast this week.  Opportunity to play with my new lens and write.

sparrow perched upon
evergreen branches leads the
way to the ocean

tillamook head stands
in the distance, clouds caress
surfer’s paradise

black beetles scurries
home with sand, a reminder
of a day at the beach

rain crystals adorn
lupine leaf
water peapods

Poetry Friday is held at  A Teaching Life.

Happy Reading.


Poetry Friday: Welcome All Poetry Fans


Today I am happy to be hosting Poetry Friday on a day where I am home and not trying to squeeze in poetry updates between students and classes.

poetry friday
welcome all who gather here
celebrate poems

Robyn Hood Black treats us to an original poem about TIME.
Violet has a poem tribute to Doc Watson.
Linda B. has a poem inspired by Violet’s poem a few weeks ago.
Amy from The Poem Farm has a Poetry Peek with second grade teacher, Barbara Phillips.
Tabatha shares a poem by Marie-Elizabeth Mali.
Ed has a poem about MLB pitcher Kerry Wood at The Hardball Times:
Statistics drive the structure and sounds of the poem.
Mary Lee has the Chigger Blues
Laura Salas is in with 15 Words or Less Poems this week. Everybody is welcome to come read poems, write a poem, and quack like a duck.
Gathering Books has a poem by Richard Macwilliam, and about immigrant workers. Have a wonderful, stress-free Friday!
Haitiruth has a Mary Oliver poem for us.
Katya has coffee, sestinas and Elizabeth Bishop over at Write. Sketch. Repeat.
Donna shares a poem she wrote about a seagull.

At Random Noodling more poetry poems, today, with ones by Archibald MacLeish.
It’s going to be hot and humid here in New England, so Kurious Kitty has found two cool poems on watermelons.
And at KK’s Kwotes, the quote is by Charles Simic.

The Write Sisters looks at two translations of an ancient Greek poem–the same but different.
Poetry Advocates interviews Melissa Manlove, editor of some great poetry titles and picture books at Chronicle Books.
Irene shares a poem about what she learned from five and six year olds.
Renee is featuring a poetry video and interview with fellow Poetry Friday guy Jim Hill, with his child-spookin’ poem “Monstrous”
Theresa shares her end-of-the-year writing that is sort of a poem.
At NC Teacher Stuff, Jeff posted a review of The House That George Built. It’s a new book with a historical spin on the House That Jack Built rhyme.
Yikes! A bolt of lightning woke the world last night in a “Summer Storm at Midnight” .
Carol has a Mary Oliver poem, “Little Summer Poem on the Subject of Faith.”
At Wild Rose Reader, there’s an original memoir poem titled “Summer Ritual.”

At A Teaching Life the original lyrics to Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” to celebrate his 100th. birthday – which is tomorrow.
Heidi is waxing rhapsodic about the pleasures of summer reading today, but the poem I’m sharing is about dressing rhapsodic.

At On Point, Lori has a haiku, Moss Mouth.

And at readertotz, we have a review of A Cuddle for Little Duck.

Ben is sharing 3 poems today after a long hiatus.

At Poetry for Kids Joy, there’s a lovely poem and photo of a quail.

Liz has an original poem about moving at Growing Wild.
Karen treats us to Robert Frost this week.

Janet has “The Swamps of Sleethe: poems from beyond the solar system” written by Jack Prelutsky with illustrations by Jimmy Pickering.

Doug cools us down with a dove in the snow at Florian Cafe

Meredith shares some Shakespeare.
Please leave your links in the comments and I will check back during the day to add on.

Julie brings us an original poem about “bad signs” (omens!) over at The Drift Record
Happy reading.

Poetry Friday: The Things I Love

I visited my oldest grandgirl on Saturday.  She promptly told me she has written a “speech” and could I please come to her room to hear it?

So I did.  After reading, she asked if I could see the pattern.  I had to photo it as it reminded me of a poem, not a speech.  She is starting second grade this fall.

Poetry Friday is held at The Opposite of Indifference.

Happy Reading.