Poetry Friday: It’s Here

Besides the start of my 39th year of teaching, the best thing about this week was coming home yesterday and finding  this book on my doorstep:

Can I tell you how excited I am to have this book in my personal library.  It’s like being surrounded by my friends:

Mary Lee Hahn

Joy Acey

Susan Taylor Brown

Robyn Hood Black

Lorie Ann Grover

Julie Larios

Irene Latham

Greg Pincus

Laura Purdie Salas

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

This is going to a much-loved and used book in the library by me.  I am purchasing one for our library as we begin to delve into the world of the common core.

One of the things I plan this year in the library is to make my walls sing more with poetry quotes and poems from this book. 

Poetry Friday is at Write. Sketch. Repeat. Thanks, Katya.

The CYBILS team is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the panels in all categories.  Announcing the panels next week.

Tune in next Wednesday when I feature an interview with Joy Acey.

Happy Reading.



5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: It’s Here

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  2. Being excited about starting your 39th year of teaching is so cool, Jone. YOur students are lucky! And I feel the same way about this anthology–it’s like a party with all my friends (along with a few poets I don’t know but I’m sure we’ll be friends someday)!

  3. You’ve influenced many lives, Jone! :0) Wishing you an inspiring, rich year.

    I’m eager to hear how kids respond to this great new anthology. I gave a copy to our K-12 school’s media specialist, and I’ve heard she’s already got a program for fifth graders in the works with the high school poetry teacher using the book.

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