Poetry Friday, a Day Late

Here’s Joy’s poem as a follow up to her fantastic interview on Wednesday. This is “unlinked”version due to the car accident and my broken hand.

This poem can be found in he Poetry Friday Anthology.

by Joy Acey

What do fish do?
They swim in a bowl
by one or two.

What do fish eat?
Algae, slime
and fish bowl treats.

What do fish know
as they blow bubbles
in their bowl?

They know how to dive
and to race. Exploring spaces
in their fish bowl place.

Breathing in water
cool and blue.
that is more than
I can do.
How about you?

Joy also used this poem as a form for writing other poems. On her blog she’s posted PIGEONS and that morphed into LIONS and then other things.

Happy Reading.


4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday, a Day Late

  1. Jone,
    How are you? How badly did you break your hand? do you have a cast? How long are you going to lose the use of your hand? I’m so sorry. Hope you aren’t in too much pain.

  2. Jone – Thank you for sharing Joy’s work from the book! It is funny to wonder about fish bowl fish…just swimming around and around and around. I am amazed that you are here…still posting with your broken hand. I hope that you will heal quickly and well….sending warm thoughts your way.

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