Poetry Friday: Ursula LeGuin

Ursula Le Guin reading at the Black Box Theater, Milwaukie High School,  Milwaukie, OR

I recently discovered that one of the local libraries (I am blessed to have four within 10 miles of me) has a monthly poetry series.  This month featured Ursula Le Guin.  Besides such great children’s books as  Catwings and Wizard of Earthsea or The Left Hand of Darkeness and Lathe of Heaven for older readers, LeGuin states she was a poet first and always.

She read from her latest collection, Finding My Elegy, New and Selected Poems.  The hour whizzed by as she read her poems. She told the audience that she felt bad that the students were going to have to hear her poems about aging.  They laughed.  She feels now the need to bear witness on  people getting old (a new frontier). She’s 83.  She refers to these poems as “reports from the frontier.”

In the style of my friend, Irene Latham, I am creating a found haikus from phrases from her poems as well as her thoughts about her writing

blind courage
soldiers in the long dark
extinction gloom

let the day come
as a poet
writing in metrical form

writing group
once a month an assignment
substance of the poem

ignorant of wars

I write sci-fi
people say
I  know the future

looking at the body
a failing parent
my body
stone by stone
language of a rock

don’t have a discipline
ready to obey

fall in love
you can
read latin
(on how she discovered Virgo in her 70″s)

LeGuin was someone who you wished you could listen to or be part of her writing group. Wednesday night was such a gift to hear.

An aside:  I had a fifth grader get Catwings to check out and she said, “I have to read this every year.”

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Happy Reading.



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