Poetry Friday: Paulann Peterson

Last week, I was blessed with two poet rock stars for Oregon. I wrote about Ursula LeGuin HERE. On Saturday, Paulann Peterson, Oregon Poet Laureate held a free workshop at a local library.

The afternoon was typical Oregon: cold and wet. Inside twenty writers sat at tables for four hours and wrote. Paulann is a great believer in priming the pump as well as using scratch paper for priming. For the priming of our first poem , a “DNA” poem she led us through questions and visual imagery of a favorite place. Here’s my first attempt:

I am the sun sifting through striated clouds.
I am high tide careening toward craggy rocks.
Boughs that creak from the weight of the fog are me.
Salt air blends into wet sand.
I am the well worn path to the sea.

As the afternoon continued I realized that I had perhaps one of my children’s poems:

I am the skip, hop of the hopscotch game.
I am the empty swing in the schoolyard.
Clouds creatures skiffing across the sky are me.
Bullies stand in shadowed corners.
I am the child waiting to be chosen for kickball.

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6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Paulann Peterson

  1. DNA poem? Love this way of looking at it!

    My favorite line is:

    “I am the skip, hop of the hopscotch game.”

    I really need to make more of an effort to go to local poetry events. I just hate going to them alone. (Bad excuse, I know.)

  2. Jone- Wow! I agree with Mary Lee, even though they follow the same format, they have a very different feel. The end of the playground one surprised me. The first poem made me long for beach time– you capture that feeling so perfectly!

  3. Wow, that sounds tremendous. My favorite phrase is “Boughs that creak from the weight of the fog,” but I also love the melancholy mood of your second poem. Lovely.

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