Poetry Friday: When to Say Good-bye


Last week’s poem Old Dog by William Stafford became an inspiration for me in 1996. My faithful cocker spaniel was sixteen and a half and led a fabulous life. Here’s my tribute to her:

When to Say Good-bye
Our days together were the ones we already had.
~William Stafford

I sit with my dog
on the kitchen floor;
watching and waiting for movement
of her midnight fur.
Is she breathing?
When will I know it’s time?

She’s a relentless beggar
every meal at my feet.
But not aware
pheasant season is beginning.
She reminds cats, she’s
The Queen.
no longer howls at passing sirens
and wanders forgetting her way.

Seated on the kitchen floor,
my hand rests on fur.
I feel the rattle in her rising breath.
noticing its shallowness.
I smell her age,
a centenarian were she human.
Companion loyal all these years.
Her eyes speak,
it’s time, friend, it’s time.

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Happy Reading.