Poetry Friday: Doughnuts! Oh, Doughnuts! And a Giveaway



I love doughnuts, especially French Cruellers. Greg makes me drool for one. Enter a comment and tell me your favorite doughnut to win a copy of Greg's ebook, The Late Bird. I will announce the winner next Friday.

Doughnuts! Oh, Doughnuts!
Gregory K.

Doughnuts! Oh, doughnuts! Fried circles of yum.
You food that I simply adore.
You’re sure not nutritious, but you’re so delicious
I’m always left wishing for more.

I love you with frosting or covered in sprinkles.
I swoon for you, sweet, sugar raised!
When you’re filled with jelly, you warm up my belly…
While still leaving room for a glazed.

I’ll dip you in coffee or dunk you in milk.
I’ll eat you for breakfast or brunch.
I get so impassioned for simple old-fashioned
That sometimes I make them my lunch.

Doughnuts! Oh, doughnuts! Definers of yum.
You perfect fried circles of dough.
Although you’re caloric, you leave me euphoric…
So give me a dozen to go!

Poetry Friday is hosted by none other than Linda At Teacher Dance. Thanks.

Happy Reading.

12 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Doughnuts! Oh, Doughnuts! And a Giveaway

    • Jone, I hope you’ll forgive me for calling you Andi. Obviously I mis-wrote & forgot where I was in my hurry. I meant what I said, though. It is a terrific book.

  1. I know my students would enjoy this poem. Would be fun with our gr. 3 nutrition unit! Also some good vocabulary especially euphoric. Also a fun model for a tasty take on an ode.

  2. Mmmm…donuts. Make mine a maple-iced, cream-filled longjohn. (I guess that’s not technically a donut, but if I get to pick, I get to pick!)

    I already have Greg’s fabulous book. How kind of you to give away a copy!

  3. I love donuts and my favorite is a nice fresh jelly donut – delicious! I don’t have a copy of Greg’s book and would like on because his poems always bring a smile and make me chuckle.

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  5. Though technically not a doughnut, my favorite breakfast pastry is the apple fritter. Also probably the highest in fat content.

  6. Fun poem! Greg is my French Cruller brother…I know just what he means. There’s a donut shop in Lawrence, MA, that not only glazes them, but frosts them with chocolate, maple, or strawberry frosting, too! Pure deliciousness.

  7. Once on the way home from the airport, my cousin and I stopped for Krispie Kremes. It was very late at night, so little did we know that when we walked into my aunt’s home, the glaze all over our mouths and shirts gave our late night snack away to all.
    My students and I would cherish the book!

  8. What a fun poem, Greg! I’m partial to chocolate-covered chocolate doughnuts with (you guessed it) chocolate sprinkles. Too much chocolate? Never!!

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