It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?


Daylight Savings Time started in the Northwest yesterday. I probably should have listened to the experts about what to do to adjust such as getting to bed early. But I could not! I had to finish Hold Fast by Blue Balliett. I recommend this book, probably Balliett’s best. I am now going to attempt listening to books in the car and do a Balliett book study. I read Chasing Vermeer years ago but didn’t follow up on the rest.


Vancouver, WA, the city where I work is having a city all-read event with the following book. Several teacher librarians will be reading and discussing.


Find out what others are reading at Teach Mentor Texts.

Happy Monday.
Happy Reading.



5 thoughts on “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

  1. Hi there Jone, I am not sure if I have a copy of Hold Fast but I do own a few Blue Baillett titles in my bookshelves. I didn’t realize you live in Vancouver – one of my favorite cities, ever. 🙂

    • I love how she plays with words and math and mystery. Hold Fast is my favorite. Will start re-listening to Chasing Vermeer again next week. Let me know how it goes with reading the books.

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