Thirty Days of Student Poetry

Thank you, students from Mr. Yates’ class:

Soccer will start soon
I will try to make the team
Very muddy fields.

The game is tied
I need to make this field goal
Yes! I made the goal!

Katie S.
4th grade


Cats are so playful
Some are as lazy as rocks
Cats like to be petted

Kianna W.
4th grade


Snow is soft blankets
Hot cocoa in my stomach
Warm fire places

Makaela M.
4th grade


Minko polar bear
I love rolling in the soft snow
My mom gives me fish

Polar bears, polar
Bears, cuddle with a soft white
ball all night long

Marissa M.

splash scream cannon ball
I love to swim all day long

I won’t go inside

Trinity W.
4th grade

Happy Reading
Happy Poetry