Poetry Friday: A Collaborative Poem


There is a daily collaborative poem for this month. Today’s link is HERE. It also happens that poetry round-up is there.

Joy Acey has a progressive poem HERE.

Over the last two weeks my second grade poetry club worked on a collaborative poem.The first line by moi started them off.   This is the first week:


And this week we arranged the lines. After much discussion, this is the final poem:

I like the morning sun and playing
Morning poppies dance in the breeze
Flowers grow every year
Grow, grow for me.

Baby birds are hatching
Flowers watching the blue, blue sky
Bees buzzing all around
Bees buzzing for pollen

The BBQ smell in the air
Daffodils are blooming and growing
Birds are chirping in their beautiful voices
The soft grass gently flowing in the wind.

And here are the happy poets:


Poetry Friday is hosted by Irene Latham at Live Your Poem. Thanks, Irene.

Happy Poetry.
Happy Reading



4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: A Collaborative Poem

  1. Collaborative poems are fun and they build community around a shared writing process. Your students are precious and did a great job using specificity in their poem. High fives to them all !

  2. How great, Jone. I love the pic of those happy writers, & the poem has so many good lines about spring. I like all the verbs too! I wish I could say we’re having some of those things, but just green grass. It’s been too cold for anything else.

  3. Looks like all of you had fun with all this buzzing and blooming and BBQ. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, Jone!

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