Poetry Friday:Thirty Days of Student Poetry

Today is Poetry Friday. The round up is held at Laura Salas’ Writing the World for Kids. I am away at the Highlights Foundation at Poetry Novel Workshop. Please enjoy these poems by fifth graders.

Spring is happy
spring smells beautiful
spring is cold

Zoey G.


There once was a girl from the sun
She went to the race to run
She tripped over a log, she ate a hotdog,
Then she picked her self up and she won!

Victoria T.


Thunderstorm haiku

Rain falls into gutters as
Lightning hits the ground blinding
Light flashes in the storm

Paul H.


Warm, soft and cozy.

Bed so cozy like a tiny soft baby panda.
Blankets so warm like a heater, heating up your room.
Pillows so soft like if you’re jumping in a big bowl of cotton candy.

Yuritzi A.


Winter snow is joy
Really bright at night sometimes
Sledding down the hill

Elijah F.
5th Grade

Happy Poetry.
Happy Reading.