Poetry Friday: Celebrating Student Work


Today I have 98 reasons to celebrate. That’s the number of third, fourth, and fifth grade students whose poems were selected for the Young Americans’ Poetry Contest.

Here are more:

White dancing snowflakes
Snowballs flying through the air
Snowmen smiling

Makai I. R.


Running is so fun
I slip and fall all the time
I run not very fast

Austin R.


Puzzle pieces put
together for my puzzle
When I am done
I take it apart
And put it together again.

Bobby H.


Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit
Balls flying through Smokey air
Spank ball hits the wall

Carter Monda

The 200+ page digest will arrive in the fall.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Liz at Growing Wild.

Next week I will be featuring Robyn Hood Black with an interview on Wednesday and her poetry on Friday.

All the poetry postcards have been mailed out. If you didn’t get one and were expecting them, please email me.

Happy Poetry.
Happy Reading.



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  2. Congratulations on your well crafted poems. I want to personally thank Emalyn V. 5th grade for the poem our school received from her entitled Autumn.

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