Poetry Friday: Library Books


I am playing with the tritina form. This is the time of year where school is in a frenzy. We need all the library books returned.


I got to find my library books
Looked under the bed
And found instead stinky socks.

Of course, they were my brother’s socks
So he’s the one who took my books
And left smelly socks under my bed.

Maybe if I looked under his bed
I would find my library books
And replace them with his stinky socks.

Overdue books don’t belong under the bed with smelly socks.

It’s a draft. I need to sit with it a bit.
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Happy Reading.
Happy Poetry.


4 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Library Books

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  2. At lunch today, my youngest clapped her hand over her mouth in dismay, suddenly remembering that she hadn’t turned a book in to the school library yet. Maybe we should check under her brother’s bed for it… (P.S. Tell us more about tritinas!)

  3. A tweet from IRA makes me feel (a bit) better about all of the books that have disappeared from my classroom: penny kittle @pennykittle
    If you’re not losing 20% of your library each year, you’re buying the wrong books. ~Allington. #IRA2013

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