Poetry Friday: A Poem for Summer


H-e-l-l-o Summer! Today I am sharing again a poem originally posted during April when I shared student work.

Flowers grow in the summer
They love the sun
They want to stay with you,
But it can’t be true.


What I love about this poem is how Karli captures the brevity of summer. It’s the perfect one for today as school got out on Tuesday.

Do you have this book? Thanks to reading a post from Amy at The Poem Farm, I am re-reading this book this summer. I will be blogging about it on Fridays, so please feel free to join in and comment.


Poetry Friday round up can be found at Carol’s Corner. Thanks, Carol.

Happy Poetry Friday.
Happy Reading.



Poetry Friday: Summer Fun


Last week, slipped by me. But this week, I am once again playing with the tritina poetry form.

Hooray for the students
The ones returning books
The ones ready for summer fun

Hooray for summer fun
Vacation for students
Lonely shelves for books

Hooray for all the books
Reading is summer fun
Titles read by students

Students, grab your books and read, read, read for summer fun.
Poetry Friday is over at Tabatha’s blog, The Opposite of Indifference

Happy Poetry.
Happy Friday.