Poetry Friday: Summer Fun


Last week, slipped by me. But this week, I am once again playing with the tritina poetry form.

Hooray for the students
The ones returning books
The ones ready for summer fun

Hooray for summer fun
Vacation for students
Lonely shelves for books

Hooray for all the books
Reading is summer fun
Titles read by students

Students, grab your books and read, read, read for summer fun.
Poetry Friday is over at Tabatha’s blog, The Opposite of Indifference

Happy Poetry.
Happy Friday.


6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Summer Fun

  1. Thanks for bringing back such fond memories of school libraries and summer reading! The tritina form is new to me — I’ll have to investigate!

  2. What a great note on which to start summer vacation! The tritina is new to me too. I’m making a note to myself to check it out; I like the back-and-forth feeling of the repeated phrases.

  3. This would be an interesting form to play with next year. “The ones returning books” made me laugh. I had a student return about 35 books yesterday from our classroom library. I loved that he read them and made sure he had enough books for summer.

  4. This looks like a fun form. It reminds me of pantoum with the repetition. I loved summer reading as a student. I could read whatever I wanted and haunted the library.

  5. I just spent time looking up the tritina — can’t wait to try it myself! Thanks for sharing this with us. “Summer,” “books,” and “fun” are great words to use šŸ™‚

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