Poetry Friday: Peaches by Janet Fagal


On Wednesday, I interviewed Janet Fagal. We have connected through poetry and the Highlights Foundation workshops(although we weren’t at the same workshop).

Today I am sharing a poem from Janet. It’s a perfect time of year for,peaches. I am watching the peaches ripen on my neighbor’s tree. And Janet’s poem provides the words to describe what I would do with one of my favorite summer fruits.

The Peach

Squeeze, rub, chomp, sip
sweet fleshy globe.
Golden-pink like sunset.
Slips down the throat
cool as night.
Feels like summer,

Poetry Friday is hosted by Michelle at Today’s Little Ditty. Stop by here next week for Poetry Friday.

Happy Poetry.
Happy Friday.
Thank you, Janet for sharing your pome.


7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Peaches by Janet Fagal

  1. “Golden-pink like sunset” — yes! I can’t wait to go to a farm stand and get peaches for pies. I hope your neighbor likes to share, MsMac.

  2. Thanks, everyone! I wrote this for an exercise. We had to brainstorm all the words we knew for peaches. It was a small group. Then we were told to write the poem without using any of those words. That is why golden-pink is hyphenated. We poets gotta’ love these hyphens.

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