CYBILS Poetry Panel: Is it Something for You?


This is the stack of last year’s poetry books which we discussed and debated over to determine which would make the CYBILS shortlist.

How do you know you might be a good candidate? Here are ten things to consider:

1. You love poetry as much or more than dark chocolate.
2. You promote poetry by giving poetry books as gifts.
3. You email others about poetry books they should read.
4. You bring poetry books on vacation.
5. You are known as the poetry person.
6. You blog ALOT about poetry.
7. You try to convince your book club to read a poetry book.
8. You read poetry blog posts instead of doing other things.
9. You leave poetry on scraps of paper in random places.
10.You are heard saying, “For the love of poetry” …often.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s CYBILs award, please sign-up HERE.

Happy Poetry.
Happy Reading.