Poetry Friday: Collaborative Poem and Information About the Cybils


Do you know about “The Time is Now”, from Poets and Writers? It’s a weekly email, with a great little column Poetry Prompt filled with inspiration. Back in February there was this prompt:

Text Me

Send a line of poetry to a friend via text message or e-mail and ask her to compose a line in response. Collaborate on drafting a poem in this way, building it line by line until you both agree that it’s reached its end. Using the final product as a draft, revise the poem and have your friend do the same. Compare your final drafts.

So I contacted Mary Lee Hahn and we began a joint poem. We didn’t do the “consider the final product as a draft” but I might in the future.

Here’s our collaborative poem:

At the Edge of Spring

It bites, the wind
Blown down from North
Howling like a freight train

It stings, the snow
Sidewinder flakes
Coiling, hissing, striking

A family huddled
‘neath a pine
Singing into the wind

The song of spring
Melting winter’s grip
Their faces turned toward the sun

© Jone Rush MacCulloch, Mary Lee Hahn, 2013


The time is now for the CYBILs. Do you want to help select the best poetry book of 2013? Do you wonder if you are right for the job? Read my blog post HERE.

Go to the CYBILS to apply.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Betsy of I Think in Poems .

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Collaborative Poem and Information About the Cybils

  1. Love this post, Jone. I once did a collaborative poem with a stranger I met in a bar – we wrote our poetry in a piece of napkin. He provided one line while I wrote another; we didn’t know where the poem was headed, but it made for a pretty good read afterwards. Your post reminded me that I should do more of that. 🙂

  2. What fun! Now I need to find a poetry buddy to try this with. I also appreciate the info. on the P&W newsletter. I like the parallelism between the first lines on the first 2 stanzas, It bites, the wind/It stings, the snow.

  3. Fun exercise! I did that once at a park with a friend. It was an interesting way to get the poetic juices flowing. Like your title — your poem makes winter seem like it has some sharp edges with all that biting and hissing.

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