Five Star Things About The Week

Thank you Colby of Sharpread for writing a reflection post each week. I love this idea. In fact, I share 7 kicks with the kickers at 7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast each Sunday. In a time where education is intense, full of demands, and at time exhausting, reflecting on the good is important.

We are Silver Star so here are five star things about the week beginning October 7, 2013.

1.A very successful first Family Library Night. Once a month the library is open to families at night. We offer pizza and water at a low cost and have an activity. This Tuesday we had over 25 families attend.


2. Kids in the library during recess. I love have students in the ‘family room of the school’ as I refer to the library.. These students were so engaged in some quiet games I couldn’t resist this pic.


3.Helping another fifth grader through her realization that she’s never finished a book and she’s reading basically at third grade. She’s smart, plays hockey, and I was able to provide her with some book choices at her level. She will get there! I know it.

4.Hosting Mortimer yesterday here at Check It Out and sharing a poem by Kelly Fineman.


5.Spending the day with other teacher librarian colleagues. Yesterday was teacher in-service day. What a joy to gather with job alike colleagues. Had a great conversations about vocabulary, give students time to read, and the changing nature of our jobs.


Happy Reading