Five Star Things About the Week

Five Star Things About the Week

1. Growing professionally. This week I began meeting with PreK children and their families for story time. This has been a program in our building for the last ten years. The funding was cut last spring. I share the duties with the Family and Community Resource Room Facilitator. We had four families attend on Wednesday for a story and crafts/play time.

2. Shelving project. Our EVERBODY section is in need of an update. Since the school opened in 1972, the Everybody books have had a spine label of ‘E’ for Everybody and the first letter of the author’s last name. This is a shelving nightmare. I have a fabulous volunteer/former librarian colleague who comes in about once a week. So this is one of her projects.


3. Chance and Lisa. Every Tuesday, Chance and Lisa come to the school. Students come down for an opportunity to read to them. Everyone loves Chance, he’s so mellow and Lisa is so encouraging with the readers.


4. Reading during check out. Not everyone returns their library book on library day. So I have bins of books for students to pick out a book and read while others are selecting their new books. When they finish, they can read as well. Students can choose to read with someone or read to self.

5. This explanation from a first grader as to what ‘plan’ and ‘hatch’ mean: “You can hatch a plan in your brain (child is pointing to brain) like a bird hatches from an egg.”

Have a great week.
Happy reading.


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  1. It’s great to see the photos, and to hear you have good volunteers. I hope I’ll find a good place to volunteer when I retire. I know I’ll love continuing to read to the kids or be read to. Nice to hear about your celebrating at work!

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