Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


It’s been a lazy Saturday in Oregon. I am just now getting to writing this post. What I love about Saturdays is taking the time to reflect on the week.

1. Becoming word collectors like Max in Max’s Word by Kate Banks. These third graders are using dictionaries to find words.


2. Related to word collecting this from a fourth grader:
4th Grader: “MsMac, I didn’t know reindeer were real. (pointing to the reindeer picture in the book).”
Me: “Yes, they are. what did you think?”
4th Grader: “I thought it was just a Christmas thing.”

3. Second week of PreK Read and Play. Singing ‘The Bubble Song’ and having bubbles really helped. I even video taped for a baseline.

4. A very productive meeting with my principal regarding the new evaluation process. Feeling settled in what my focused evaluation will be this year.

5. Time with my friend Shirley. Until she retired, we co-directed the annual school plays. She retired about four years ago. Sadly, for the last two years she’s battled brain cancer. It’s not good. But I celebrate time to see her yesterday.


More celebrations can be found at Ruth Ayres Writes.

Happy Reading.