Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

There are so many things to share this week. So here are the top five.
1. See these books? Do you know what kind of books they are? According to a first grader they are ‘secret books’. You can’t tell what’s inside them until you read them. There aren’t many. This first grader is seeking the ole rebound books with no covers to find out what’s in them.


2. The Veteran’s Day Assembly. Simplicity. The veteran in front said, Thank you, I never felt like a hero until today.” He served in Vietnam Nam and is the grandfather of a fifth grade student. We were all in tears. Then there was a receiving line to say thank you.


3. The events at the book fair: Donuts and Dads, Family Library Night, Grandparents’ Day, and Muffins and Moms. Everyone has been so generous.


4. Books for the “Read to Dog” program with Lisa and Chance. Delivered by Altrusa International from a former colleague and retired librarian. In 2010, I was the recipient of the Librarian of the Year Award from Altrusa. They do so much good for literacy in the library. br />

5. The arrival of this book from the publisher. Jeff Kinney just keeps knocking out of the park. Students love, love, love these books.


More celebrations can be found at Ruth Ayres Writes


5 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

  1. Jone, all your celebrations are wonderful! Love that your school celebrated those Veterans. That is very special. And love those mystery books-what a good idea. You’ve started some ideas which I’ll pass along to colleagues! Thanks for sharing so much. Special too about your own award. I’d love to see your library!

  2. “Read to Dog” I did not even know that existed! Sounds very comforting to many students. There really is much to celebrate!

  3. Love that your Veteran’s Day assembly had veterans in attendance, and that students thanked them in a receiving line. I shared “In Flander’s Fields” for Poetry Friday. Diary of a Wimpy Kid presales from Scholastic arrived this week in my classroom to much happiness! Your book fair events sound delightful.

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