Celebrate: Five Star Things About This Week


1.Co-teaching in a second grade class. Leading up to writing haiku by having students observe the out doors using their senses.


2.The beauty berry bush. Aren’t these berries gorgeous? We are so fortunate to have a lovely garden to greet all every morning at school.

3.Our monthly assembly to give out awards. We started this last year and it has helped to change the tone of the school. I give out the ‘Silver Star Bookworm Award’ to grades K-2 and the ‘Bibliomaniac Award to grades 3-5. They represent the best class for the month.

4.This kinder who wrote about being selected to get the award. I love the illustration of me.


5.Today, my friend Susan Blackaby read her new book, February Groundhog and the Wintry Surprise. It’s so much fun. And Susan is going to be our featured author for
school this year.


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