Poetry Friday: Cowboy Up! By Nancy Bo Flood

Cowboy Up! Ride the Navajo Rodeo By Nancy Bo Flood and photography by Jan Sonnenmair

Cowboy Up! is a fabulous hybrid of nonfiction and poetry. It has been nominated for the CYBILS in nonfiction but today I am focusing on the poetry.

If you have never been to a rodeo, this book provides a great introduction to the sport. In Navajo country, many young kids dream of being able to bull ride, sheep ride, and stay on a bucking bronco for eight seconds.

Each two page spread has action packed photography, a narrative poem, and an explanation of the event. It’s a day in the life of the rodeo.

The poem on the end pages:

Rodeo Rider

I want to be a rodeo rider-
A barrel racing,
crazy bull chasing,
lasso slinging,
wild calf roping,
bronco busting,
mutton tumbling,
rodeo rider.
~Nancy Bo Flood

Today I am fortunate to be at an SCBWI-Oregon writing retreat at the fabulous Silver Falls Conference Center. Waving “hi” to my Poetry Friday pals at NCTE.

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