Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week


First morning of winter break. Grand girl is still asleep as is my husband and the two dogs. Before I make the sugar cookie dough, time to celebrate the week.

1. Read Week. Third through fifth grade students choose tables and peruse the book boxes, find a couple of books, and read for library time. It’s a time to sample something they might not try. They have the option of taking it with them. One boy was disgruntled with the choices so I handed him Greg Pincus’ The 14 Fibs of Greg K. He loved it and took it with him.

2. Fifth grade Colonial Trades Project. Each fifth grade researches a Colonial trade. They write about the trade and create a model. The library becomes a museum of sorts to display them for other classes.


3. Meeting with a group of Russian and Ukrainian parents plus the ELL teacher. They are a group called Natural Leaders which is an outreach to engage parent involvement. They have chosen the library as a focus as many of the Russian language books are too difficult. They wrote a grant to the PTA for books and it was approved!

4. Speaking of grant approvals…I received a grant to beef up my series collection and a grant to bring author, Susan Blackaby to Silver Star for three days in February.

5. Christmas break is here. My tree is finally up. Yesterday, a first grader brought me a gift to “Mrs. Library.” I didn’t want open the package because I loved the label. Santa dropped off a gift card so I am going to purchase a couple books for the library.

Head over to Ruth Ayres for more celebrations.

6 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

  1. Sounds like a terrific last week of school. I love that the kids think of you as Mrs. Library. Perfect! Hope you have a holiday filled with good books, and great times with family and friends!

  2. Awesome week to celebrate Jone…I love the grand daughter and the sugar cookies. xo nanc

  3. Oh, I love your week of celebrations, Jone. The colonial museum is nice. We do a Europe Museum in gr. 3 and it is a good way to showcase those projects, right?
    Love the Mrs. Library note. Adore.
    Are you thinking of poetry reciting? I hope you are giving it a go.

    I am celebrating the fact that I have a future daughter in law and get to give her all sorts of gifts this year. Many are new things I had saved for someone special, so I like being able to match nice things for her. Also hand-me-downs in perfect shape…she loves hand-me-downs. Color me really thankful. So happy for my son. He lucked out. (She is getting a good deal, too, but she seems really really well-suited for all of us.) Back to wrapping. Merry Christmas, Jone.

  4. I’ve had two boy students enjoy 14 Fibs. I haven’t read it yet, but they loved it. Mrs. Library is so special. I think you should keep the title. I once taught Christian Ed and got the title Mrs. Christian Ed. Doesn’t quite have the same charm about it.

    Enjoy your quiet time and some holiday cheer.

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