Celebrate: Five Star Things About Week


With school not in session, time is more relaxed. Thanks to Ruth Ayres for providing a space for us to celebrate our lives.

1. Christmas Eve with family. Listening to my oldest grandgirl discover the differences between the book Coraline and the movie, Coraline. I gave her the book for Christmas.
2. Quiet Christmas with just husband and pooches.
3. Time to read.
4. Being able to prepare soup and brownies to take to friends whose Christmas was shattered by the untimely death of their daughter.
5. The Poetry CYBILS finalists have been decided. I can’t wait until Wednesday, January 1, 2014 for them to be announced. The poetry nominees were abundant in goodness and quality this year.


One thought on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About Week

  1. I missed this until you commented & thought to look back, Jone. So sorry about your friend’s loss & how wonderful to offer help. What a nice quiet time you must be having on the break. Mine was quiet the past two days, but busy last week, which is fine, but it’s also nice to be still sometimes. I’ve read many of the first poetry nominees & am excited to see that list, too!

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