Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week



It’s Saturday! That time to pause and reflect on the week.  So good to share with other at Ruth Ayres’ blog.


My conversation with Helen Frost, author of Salt and other wonderful poetry novels. She suggested that we exchange emails instead of the canned questions (which after several years of doing interviews in that way, I am up for something new.)  We discussed the extraordinary poet, William Stafford as centennial celebrations abound here in Oregon.  Her interview can be found HERE.


Helen shared her poem, “That Certainty” for Poetry Friday. It’s one of many in a new anthology, A Ritual to Read to Each Other: Poems in Conversation with William Stafford, published in conjunction for the Stafford centennial.


Progress is being made on the reorganizing of the series books in the library.  It’s tedious work because I want to ensure that it will assist my readers, especially the emerging ones.   It’s been a challenge to my philosophy that students should have free reign of what they check out in the library.  It the current educational environment, students are strongly encouraged to get a “just right” book meaning one at their level.  In February, my first graders will be allowed to check out two books if their parents wish because I want them to have the opportunity for free choice.  I believe that lessons are learned when you select books that you are interested in despite that it may be too difficult.


Finding books at my public library to help fifth graders launch into a nonfiction writing unit based on the new Lucy Calkins Writing program.  One student in particular wanted to research the Donner Party.  We have little in nonfiction in this area as since our budgets have shrunk ( I used to have a $4500-$5000 budget and now I have $1000), it’s difficult to justify being anything that is not directly in concert with the curriculum.  Thank goodness the library had some titles on this topic for me to check out.


Reading  Candice Fleming’s Oh, No! aloud to classes.  It’s a Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award nominee.  So much fun and engaging to read.

What are you celebrating?


5 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

  1. I found you on Facebook Jone, have you linked up on Ruth’s post? And sorry I somehow missed your Frost poem on Poetry Friday, will read after this. Happy you’re making progress in your library re-do & I agree about the choice thing, too. It’s so motivating to be able to choose the topic! I don’t know the Fleming book, will try to find it! Have a good weekend!

  2. I’ve read some of Helen Frost’s books and Salt is currently in my WTR (want to read) stack! As soon as we finish our Mock Newbery books, both my students and I will be excited to choose our own titles again. I recently read a book review for young readers about the Donner Party (odd choice for kids, I thought). Checking my history, I found it – The Donner Dinner Party is #20 on this list of 20 of the Best Children’s Books of 2013 compiled by Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp. You’ve probably already found it, but just in case, here’s the link:

  3. I was reading an older Poetry Friday post where you talked about “Poetry Pairings” that you were putting together for your school. Do you have a list of the pairs that you have made so far? I am looking for resources on this very matter!

    Good luck re-organizing your series books! That sounds like a very tedious (but well worth it in the end) task 🙂

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