Celebrate: Five Star Things About This Week



Hooray for Saturday!  Hooray for celebrations.  More can be found at Ruth Ayres’ blog.


Making progress on my re-shelving project in the library. It’s providing interest in the kid because the books are not in the normal places.




Reading the CYBILS’ Graphic Novel Finalists.  A judge needed to leave because of a family emergency.  These for for both elementary and young adult.


Try-outs for the school play!! I have about fifty students trying out for Mowgli: Boy of the Jungle.


Sunshine! After several weeks of an inversion and socked in fog, I am happy to see the sun.


A kinder told me that an “author paints words”.  Another kinder wondered why the mouse didn’t just burrow out of the deep, deep hole in the book, Oh, No! by Candice Fleming.

What are you celebrating?