Poetry Friday: Snow Wishes


Snow Wishes

snowflakes fell all night.
Silent treasures,
one by one
stacking upon each other.
Winter wonderland.
~ Jone Rush MacCulloch, 2013

This poem was posted in December. Yesterday, my wish was granted. School let out early, I arrived home safely, and more snow is expected today and tomorrow.

20140207-093934.jpgOur Backyard. Hummingbirds can be heard. Am having to bring the feeders in at night. They are hungry!

If you look very close in the middle, you might see Mr. Jay.

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Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.

6 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Snow Wishes

  1. Nice poem, Jone. I’m here at home on a snow day today, too. (Our fourth this year, although we could have had many, many more.) My snow wish is a Go! wish. The snow banks here are huge, and have lost their luster. It’s nice to hear that others enjoy the snow so much, though. Happy Poetry Friday!

  2. It’s snow days all over the U.S. this week. I enjoyed mine!

    It’s robins that have me worried in New Hampshire. They used to fly south, now they winter here. If they survive the cold this winter it will be a miracle.

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