Celebrate: Five Star Things About The Week


Every Saturday, it’s time to reflect on the good things of the week. More can be found at Ruth Ayre Writes.

It’s been a challenging week in that I had to stay home from school because of my asthma flare-up. So today I am celebrating coughing less, discovering the root of the flare-up: a sinus infection that I had no clue I had, and having time to read between naps.

What are you celebrating?


4 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About The Week

  1. Glad you’re feeling better, Jone. A colleague had a big sinus operation over break, & is hoping that things will be better for her now. I’m not predicting you need surgery, just that after being her friend for so long, I understand how challenging the allergies/sinus issues can be. Hope all is really good soon!

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