Poetry Friday: Poetry Postcard Time

It’s time
Poetry postcards
in mailboxes
Handcrafted originals
Student creations
~Jone Rush MacCulloch

In another month, it will be National Poetry Month. And this marks the sixth year that students from my school will write poems and illustrate them on postcards. They arrive sometime in April in your snail mailbox. Here’s a couple of samples from the previous year.



So would you like a handcrafted poetry postcard? Please visit HERE to provide me with your snail mail details.

Poetry Friday is held at Poet! Poet! thanks, Anastasia.

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.

It’s much more fun than getting a bill in the mail.

14 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Poetry Postcard Time

  1. I remember receiving a postcard from your students – that was truly a lovely experience. I wouldn’t mind getting one again! 🙂 Poetry always brightens the day. 🙂

  2. Oh what a wonderful idea! Thank you for the opportunity. I partnered with a teacher at my son’s school to teach an after school poetry class last fall. I will share the poem I receive with her and some of the students. I think they will love that notion.

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