Poetry Friday: First Friday


It used to be that the “First Friday” of every month, grade levels would go to the library to share their writing. We don’t get to do that any more. Time is tight in all classrooms. But what I can do is offer up student poems here on the first Friday of each month.
These poems are a result of the three days with author, Susan Blackaby.

I jump and run fast so cats don’t get me I’m
Tiny but sneaky. I can hide in plain site
And if people try to catch me I will bite
I’m also can be cute nice but if I’m scared
I can fight I’m small but in my head I’m tall

~Rylee D.
4th grade

I am a pink pig.
I am as chubby as a bookshelf.
I waddle and trottle.
I oink like thunder.
I am the barn pig.

~Brevin B.
4th grade

I am a white wolf
I’m faster then a horse
I leap, gallop
I’m invisible in snow

~Vadim C.
4th grade

I am a blue bird.
I am as small as a mouse.
I hover, flap, and glide across the sky.
Dog bark at me as I drift above them.
I am one type of my 9,000 different species.

~Mariah K.
4th grade

This is a sneak peak of the poems coming in April. Poetry Friday is held at Reflections on the Teche.


5 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: First Friday

  1. Gorgeous poems by your young padawans, Jone! They must have been inspired by your visiting poet! I can imagine lovely illustrations that would be perfect for the poems. 🙂

  2. Too bad about the shifting priorities. It probably also means that the students don’t have time to grow their own writing. I refuse to give up on time every week when my students get to work on their own writing projects!

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