Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

It’s time to celebrate all the goodness of the week. Share you celebrations at Ruth Ayres Writes.



Students! One curled up in a corner reading. Another brought me poems she wrote in response to Susan Blackaby’s visit. She also told me that I have taught her so much. One more student thought I was a wizard on the computer as I quickly put his poem into the drop box so I could have it for the Poetry Postcard Project.


Students illustrating their poems for the POetry Post Card Project. They are some of the best in the years I have been doing it.


Drama club. This is us at last Saturday’s practice. I discovered this week that we will have over thirty hours of rehearsal when we perform in April.
The students need find their confidence of working off-script.


Voting. Students are voting for their favorite picture book. It’s the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award. Indeed it will be their choice as my least favorite book is winning. Sigh, the power of the vote. However, they take the voting seriously and every book has at least one vote.

Sharing a poem I was revising with a second grade class. It’s just so fun to go into a class and share work to get feedback. It was a pantoum and we talked about while I hate math, I am engaged in math when I write poetry.

What are you celebrating?

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