Thirty Days of Student Poetry: Part Two

Every Tuesday, I travel two miles to a nearby school providing overload library help by teaching two classes. It’s my second year with these two classes. Both are for special needs. The older class recently researched important people and then wrote poems.

More from my other school:

Robert Goddard

He is a scientist.

Experimented with rockets, built rockets, tested fuels,

Liquid fuels, and liquid oxygen

Made rockets more powerful

Useful builder


Johnathan F.
3rd grade



Ben Franklin

I am as bright as a computer

Smart, bright, brave, inventive

He invented daylight savings time

American patriot


Hunter K.
3rd grade



Walter Elias Disney

I am as imaginative as an artist.

Good life, trouble with sister, Mary

So nice, so funny

It took a lot of years to build Disneyland.

Mr. Disney had trouble with money


Isabelle S.
3rd grade



Shaquille O’Neal

I am a basketball player

Play basketball, dad, husband,

Visits hospitals and homeless shelters

Shaq is seven foot tall

Was “Rookie of the Year”

Slam Dunker Shaq


Aiden W.
3rd grade



Barack Obama

He is the President

Attended college, born August 4, 1961

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii

First African American President


Ethan C.
3rd grade