Thirty Days of Student Poetry


Thank you, Michelle, for hosting today at Today’s Little Ditty.

Yesterday and today feature poems from third graders:

I am a soaring bird
am I as sneaky as a mouse
I hop past the road
I live in my nest
I am a black bird

Emery S.
Grade 3

I am a sneaky snake
I am as silent as a mouse
I hide in the sand to surprise my opponent
I eat small to big animals
Night stalker

Gaveon M.
Grade 3
I am a shifty snake
I am as fast as a cheetah
I hiss, slither and bite
I live in a spooky habitat
My favorite food is frozen rats

Hayden C.
Grade 3

I am a little fluffy hamster
I’m as fluffy as a cloud
I’m as fast as a cat
I’m like a little rat
My puffy nest is fluffiest

Kassidi B.
Grade 3

I am a cute cat
I am as sneaky as a fox
I sneak searching for mice
I stalk, run and pounce!
I am a Siamese cat

Lacey N.
Grade 3

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry.