Thursday’s Poems

For some reason, the WordPress App is being odd.  It would not post the Thursday poems so here they are a day late:

Enjoy some of the poems from third grade:

I am a sneaky bat I

Hide in caves and

Scare people away

I sleep in the day

And spy at night

My wings are as long

As a birds I can cover

My self when I am

Cold I am a sneaky bat.

Alexa G.

Grade 3


I am a fluffy bunny

I am as fluffy as a cloud

I jump, I sniff, and I nibble

I hop in fields and meadows

My favorite vegetable is a carrot

Alexandria  C.

Grade 3


I am a sneaky turtle

I am as still as a tree

I move really slowly

I use my shell to protect


Casey L.

Grade 3


I am a  beautiful  humming bird

I am faster  then  a  cheetah

I stalk  little  prey

And I am small as you know it

Chace L.

Grade 3


I am a brave bear.

I am as scary as a snake.

My fur is as thick as a carpet.

I leap catch and eat my prey.

Haunt the night.

Christiana C.

Grade 3


I am a sneaky cheetah

I am silent as a puma

I stalk on my prey

Night shadow

Dylan L.

Grade 3

Happy Poetry Month