Thirty Days of Student Poetry

Yesterday’s posting was a miss.  But here are poems for today.

I am a deadly shark
I am as fast as a torpedo
I zig-zag in the water
I smell blood from a far away distance
I am a tiger shark

Skyler M.
3rd grade


I am a monkey I am loud as a
I hop vine to vine every time I have
Some climb time to time everywhere
And I like to share so here and
There and everywhere
So I am a monkey and I am
Nine to time to climb

Rejoy J.
3rd grade


I am a silent puma
I am as sneaky as a cheetah
For my prey,
I come behind a deer
And I pounce!
Black lighting

Penelope C.

3rd grade


I am a playful dolphin.
I am as cheerful as a puppy.
You can throw a ring, or a toy I will fill with glee.
Swimmy swimmy me!

Morgan S.
3rd grade