Thirty Days of Student Poetry Day 15

I am the sneaky cat.
I am as stealthy as a panther.
I leer at people on midnight haze.
People fear me on the 31st.
For I, am the black cat.

Austin L.
5th Grade


I am a colorful Peacock,
I’m as colorful as a rainbow,
I strut when I walk,
I live in tropical islands,
I only eat cacti fruit,
Hands off my cacti fruit.
Michael W.
5th Grade


I am a stand for dog
I am as mean as a bear
I skip like a 9 year old
Other dogs picked on me
I am a western dig dog
Cody K.
5th Grade

I am a stupid rat
I am as fat as a pig
I scamper around on my stubby legs
I can give you a disease
I am the fattest rat you have ever seen.

Kian Mcilmoil
5th Grade