Poetry Friday: Thirty Days of Student Poetry Day 18

Thanks to Robyn for hosting Poetry Friday.

I am a shifty snake
I am as fast as a cheetah
I hiss, slither and bite
I live in a spooky habitat
My favorite food is frozen rats

Hayden C.
Grade 3

I am a little fluffy hamster
I’m as fluffy as a cloud
I’m as fast as a cat
I’m like a little rat
My puffy nest is fluffiest

Kassidi B.
Grade 3

I am a cute cat
I am as sneaky as a fox
I sneak searching for mice
I stalk, run and pounce!
I am a Siamese cat

Lacey N.
Grade 3

Happy Friday.
Happy Poetry

7 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Thirty Days of Student Poetry Day 18

  1. Thank you for sharing your students’ poetry, but thanks also for everything you’ve done to make these poems happen. Lucky kids to have you!

  2. These are wonderful – congrats to these terrific young writers and hats off to their poetry coach! ;0) Like Buffy, I was struck by that alliterative and surprising (& great!) last line in Hayden’s poem.

  3. Writing in the library–what a novel (and wonderful) concept! Thanks for making this work happen for kids, Jone.

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