Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

oday’s the day to reflect on the week.  Celebrating all the good things at Ruth Ayres Writes.


It was one of the busiest weeks ever and I persevered.  From the play performance to “Bring Your Child to Work Day” to a frustrating library media meeting and the cast party.  Plus other happy events, I am celebrating.


The play.  After over forty hours of rehearsal, students learning their lines, last minute costumes, and students filling in for absent students, “Mowgli, Boy of the Jungle” performed three times on Tuesday.





Arrival.  This box arrived from The National School Project.  Of  one hundred fifty poems submitted by students, more than one hundred thirty nine poems were selected.



“Bring Your Child to Work Day.”  This is the second year my oldest grand girl has spent the day with me.  She’s  great fun to have around.  She read four books to my kinder and first great classes.  Her comments to others were hilarious:

When asked how she liked working for me: “She (meaning me) doesn’t run a sweatshop.  I want to work.”

To my library assistant: “So you check out the books and grandma entertains the students.”


Having two college friends attend the play. It was serendipitous and meant a lot to me.


What are you celebrating?



5 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About the Week

  1. Your five star things from this week bring work and joy together. I hope that your weekend gave enough rest to be ready for the new week.

  2. This post reminds me to respond to my postcard poem. You persevered. I hope you had some time for r&r this weekend. I attended our middle school play on Saturday, but went to the wrong performance. Why didn’t the student who asked me to come tell which performance he was in? How was I to know that there were 2 boys playing Pony Boy?

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