Celebrate: Five Star Things About This Week

20140517-171159.jpgIt’s Saturday, time to reflect and celebrate the week at Ruth Ayres Write.


I am sitting at the SCBWI-Oregon Spring Conference. Currently to Graham Salisbury, author of Under the Blood Red Sun.
A thoughtful critique from an editor. She and I had a similar wondering about my manuscript.

Words to encourage writing at the conference.

I reached 10,000 steps on Friday with my FitBit. Some of my co-workers have FitBits so we have been encouraging each other. Having your peers cheered or taunt (it’s a funfeature). I have increased my steps in the last several weeks.


From my garden.

What are you celebrating?

2 thoughts on “Celebrate: Five Star Things About This Week

  1. I got my postcard poem the day I arrived from my O’Hare ordeal ( minor in scheme of life but major annoyance for week of son’s graduation and Poetry Contest Award Ceremony)! I loved it and my favorite part was the art and what it said on the shirt. I am putting it on FB. Assume you saw it, too….the grumpy grandpa withe the I heart kid shirt. Love your rose. Want it. Peach roses are my future daughter in law’s favorite. I missed our week of aspiring here…with all our heavy rain they fell. But more color is coming. I am going to see if I can purchase your book via Amazon. Janet F.

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